Appointment management for clinics. Improved accessibility for patients.

Chronometriq supports Canadian doctors, nurses and patients through the development of easy-to-use, flexible products.

Improve the flow of communication between patient and clinic

Optimize your

Administrative staff spend countless hours booking, following up, and modifying appointments, which adds up to higher than necessary operating costs.

Reduce Appointment

An average of 10% of Canadian patients either forget about their medical appointment or show up late.

Empower your
patients to self-serve

Clinic staff’s precious time could be better spent on added-value tasks for the clinic and the doctors, instead of on simple check-ins.

Our goal is simple.
Increase productivity for health professionals. Empower patients.

A growing community across North America, of healthcare providers and patients alike trust our products on a daily basis.

Canadians wish to manage their health care needs online more than ever before


of Canadian patients would like to book an appointment online (2)


“smartphones are the most common devices Canadians use to access digital health e-services” (2)


Canadians access to digital health services more than doubled (1)

Sources: (1) Canada Health Infoway Annual Report 2015-2016: A Conversation about Digital Health. (2) Connecting Patients for Better Health 2018

Building products that seamlessly integrate with your EMR

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